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Competencia Precios Telecomunicaciones

OCU warns: Vodafone raises prices of its fees to make up its investment in football

23 feb. 2016

The scenario of rate increases initiated by Movistar, as usual, has today a new milestone: Vodafone's decision to raise the price of their fees to offset the cost of negotiations soccer. After rising 3 euros of convergent products (combined line and mobile) Movistar and Orange, now Vodafone who announced a further rise in rates

More than 45,000 shareholders of Bankia have claimed the refund

22 feb. 2016

Two days after the date of the return process of investing in the Offer of Public Sale of Shares of Bankia money, more than 45,000 investors have already ordered the reinstatement of the amounts invested

OCU critical margin rising gas stations

19 feb. 2016

The report price monitoring service station in December, prepared by the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) has found that gas stations have increased the gross margin to apply to fuel prices

OCU talk about the offer arbitration of Bankia. OCU claims clinics Vitaldent inspections

17 feb. 2016

Bankia: OCU thinks the offer arbitration of Bankia is partial and inadequate

Vitaldent: OCU claims clinics Vitaldent inspections to the Ministry of Health 

Salud Precios

OCU requires security and information to customers of Vitaldent

16 feb. 2016

Following the arrest of the dome of Vitaldent for alleged tax evasion and money laundering, and although research sources indicate that the operation of the franchise should not be affected, OCU, concerned that this investigation and its outcome may harm the clients and patients of clinical Vitaldent advises all patients:

Derechos del consumidor

The average rental income up only in large cities

15 feb. 2016

According to real state portals Idealista and Fotocasa the rents in major cities across the country are increasing after seven years of decline