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OCU highlights Honda, Lexus and Toyota as the most reliable automobile brands

28 ene. 2016

Automobile reliability survey 

Madrid, 28 January, 2016.  OCU has carried out a survey with more than 30,000 European drivers asking about the reliability of their automobiles. According to this survey, HONDA, LEXUS and TOYOTA are the most reliable brands.  Users chose the HONDA Jazz 1.2 as the most reliable vehicle from those included in the survey.  The results of this survey are to be published in OCU's CompraMaestra magazine for the month of February.

OCU received more than 70,000 evaluations from drivers who responded to OCU's survey, used to find out their cars'  most common malfunctions and evaluate how reliable they are.  This is one of the most important factors consumers consider when choosing an automobile, even more than the price or petrol consumption. In order to measure this, the survey took the number of malfunctions which occurred with the vehicles of those surveyed over the last 12 months. Those caused by accidents were excluded. The malfunctions were weighted based on the severity of the effect they had on the vehicles' security.

Based on the study's results, HONDA, LEXUS and TOYOTA were found to be the most reliable brands. Only three European manufacturers (BMW, AUDI and DACIA) made it into the top 10 of this reliability ranking. On the other hand, ALFA ROMEO, DODGE and SSANGYONG are the three least reliable brands according to the owners of these cars. 

By model, the HONDA Jazz 1.2 is the most reliable brand of those included in this study. Generally speaking, sports utility vehicles were found to be the most reliable. For compact cars, the most reliable model is the FORD Focus 1.6. From the sedan category, the SEAT Exeo 2.0D, the HONDA  Insight 1.3 Hybrid and the TOYOTA Prius 1.8 Hybrid are worth mentioning.  For minivans, the RENAULT Scenic 1.6 D and the TOYOTA Verso 2.0D are also noteworthy.  Finally, the VOLVO XC 60 2.0 D ranked as the most reliable of the all-terrain vehicles.

OCU also asked consumers if they would recommend their cars to others in our survey. This is a way of measuring a user's level of satisfaction with the features, comfort and petrol consumption of their vehicles. In this section, SUBARU, AUDI and JAGUAR  are of special note in addition to HONDA. 

Malfunctions are quite common. According OCU's survey, one out of every three drivers have experienced a malfunction in their cars.  Moreover, 16% of drivers have been left stranded on the road. In addition to the hassle, this also implies a high cost.  Considering both maintenance and malfunctions, drivers spend around 300€ on average per year at the mechanics.

The most common malfunctions experienced by drivers, according to the information OCU gathered in this study, are: 

Electrical Systems: Lights, fuses, etc.

Breaking System

Engine Electronics

Steering, Suspension, Tyres, etc.

Power Supply System: Carburettor, Fuel Pump

Engine: Distribution Belt, Gaskets, etc.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Engine Cooling System

Clutch, Gear Box, 

OCU reminds consumers that all malfunctions which occur during the guarantee period (two years for a new car, one year for a second-hand car and six months if purchased from a private individual) must be repaired free-of-charge.  Nevertheless, many of these malfunctions occur after the legal guarantee period has expired. Manufacturers may still be responsible for some of these if they are caused by a factory defect. In order to detect these malfunctions, OCU has provided consumers with a form, available on its website  at, for the purposes of gathering information regarding the most common malfunctions found in specific car models. Consumers can report their vehicle's malfunctions here in addition to providing information which could lead to a possible class action law suit for this type of malfunctions.

For more information, please contact Eva Jiménez (media) Telephone: 91 722 60 61