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Movilidad, consumo sostenible y RSE

OCU launches its “Collaborative Citizen” website

17 oct. 2016


After more than three years of in-depth analysis of the collaborative economy phenomenon, the Consumers and Users Organisation (OCU) has just launched its new “Collaborative Consumer” website ( in order to inform and represent users of the collaborative economy between individuals  (P2P). 

OCU’s purpose with this initiative is to help users navigate the P2P economy. It has been seen that, on occasions, the current legislation and Social Security system are not designed for individuals who have multiple sources of income but rather for company with employees or professionals who have clear careers. This fact, according to OCU, causes excessive red tape for those private individuals who generate income and gives rise to many questions regarding the limits of their activity in the collaborative economy sector.  

This new website, launched by OCU, is an attempt to respond to questions related with legal and fiscal issues, the scope of the responsibility each player in the collaborative economy has, consumers' rights and other key issues such as virtual reputation or privacy. 

In order to answer all these questions, and others which may arise, related to the collaborative economy, OCU has developed this easy-to-use website along these four main lines:

• Practical information with a collection of articles published by OCU which can be filtered by the specific role or area of interest.
• Legal Aid where, in addition to FAQs regarding personal consumption and collaborative consumption, the contact number for OCU’s legal advisors has been included.
• Email contact in which users can suggest topics to be included. 
• Templates and examples of contracts users can download if they wish to continue on their own.

OCU is an independent non-profit organisation thanks to the support of its more than 300,000 members. As a consumer organisation, OCU’s purpose is to contribute and influence in order to fight for the wellbeing of Spanish consumers.  It works transparently and offers useful, relevant content and information so consumers can make well-informed decisions when hiring services and purchasing products.




For more information, please contact Eva Jiménez (media). Telephone: 91 722 60 61