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Economía del consumidor


03 mar. 2015
An OCU study shows that it is possible to get a significant discount on the purchase of a new car if negotiated properly. In some cases, depending on the make and the location of the dealer, the discount can reach 24% off the initial price offered by the dealer.

OCU visited 129 official dealers in 10 cities (Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, La Coruña, Madrid, Murcia, Sevilla, Toledo, Valencia, Valladolid and Zaragoza) for 6 of the bestselling makes of cars in Spain (Volkswagen, Seat, Renault, Opel, Nissan and Citroen). The difference between the first price offered and the final price was between 12% and 24% depending on the make and the city. The complete study is published in the March issue of OCU Compra-Maestra.

To allow consumers to get the biggest discounts, OCU recommends first requesting a written quote, itemised to make the negotiation easier. The quote should include: base price of the car, stating general information such as model and engine type, finish and extras included in the base price; discounts and bonuses that are included; taxes, VAT and registration tax, and pre delivery costs and registration, which are dependent on each make and can range from 173 to 900 euros and finally how long the quote will remain valid.

Once you have the written quote, which is sometimes not easy because in some cases dealers are reluctant to provide this mandatory information in writing, OCU recommends that you first check the price online to get a rough idea and then consult at least two bricks and mortar dealers. The chances of getting a larger discount increase if the dealers you consult are not in the same town where the customer lives. In fact, the biggest differences were found between dealers from different provinces. For example, a Nissan Qashqai car costs €27,145 in Barcelona and only €23,885 in Valencia. A difference of €3,260. The cheapest cities vary by model.

One of the discounts offered most is the PIVE Plan, which can reach €2,000 at least, although in theory only owners of cars more than 10 years old are eligible for this plan. OCU has observed how most official dealers offer, through agreements with scrap dealers, cars over 10 years old to buyers who do not have such an old car. Buyers pay about 430 euros on average, representing a final saving of 1,500 euros. OCU denounces how what at first was a plan to reduce pollution by replacing older vehicles has become a plan to stimulate car sales in which the state provides half of the funds and has generated considerable speculation with cars that are sometimes not road-worthy.

OCU warns consumers about discounts linked to financing. Three out of four salespeople refused to give clear information (they did not provide the standardised information document as required by law). Hence, many times, what at first may seem a discount is actually an additional cost. Therefore OCU recommends comparing the financing offered at dealerships with other options before choosing. To avoid such problems OCU asks the consumer authorities for greater control over transparency in the financing terms offered by dealerships, so consumers can compare the different options and choose the one best for them.
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