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Survey of satisfaction with telecom operators

27 ago. 2014
R and Pepephone the most highly valued by users, Orange worst of all
foto encuesta satisfaccion operadores telec

Madrid August 27, 2014.

OCU has conducted a survey of 13,026 Spanish users about their satisfaction with the services provided by telecom operators. In general, the main operators are poorly valued in billing and especially in customer service. The results of this study are published in number 395 of the OCU-Compra Maestra magazine for September.
Telecommunications is one of the most widespread services. In Spain, according to the latest data published by the CNMC, there are 12.9 million fixed telephone lines, 50 million mobile phone lines and more than 12.400.000 broadband lines for internet access. OCU wanted to find out what was the level of user satisfaction. To carry out this study OCU collected the opinions of 13,000 users. Eight out of ten respondents acknowledged that they currently have a combined offer of at least two services with the same operator.

Landline vs. mobile phone
The fixed line telephone service scores highest. R and EUSKALTEL are the operators with the highest levels of satisfaction among their customers and at the other end of the scale VODAFONE and ORANGE are the worst rated.
In mobile phone services, respondents assessed coverage, quality of mobile internet access, plus billing and customer care among other considerations. Pepephone stands head and shoulders above the rest, followed by SIMYO and Másmovil. Down at the bottom, VODAFONE, ORANGE and JAZZTEL are the worst rated.

Internet and Television
Satisfaction with Internet is lower than with fixed and mobile telephone services. Low speed and lack of stability are added to the usual problems with billing and customer care which affect all the telecom services and drag down their user rating. As in previous years, R is considered by far the best internet operator by its clients and is followed by ONO, PEPEPHONE, TELECABLE and EUSKALTEL. Once again it is VODAFONE and ORANGE who receive the worst ratings. Pay TV is the service with smallest difference as far as user satisfaction is concerned. All companies obtain a similar score except ORANGE, which again is the lowest rated.

Spain is among the worst
Apart from Spain this survey was conducted in Belgium, Italy and Portugal. The average satisfaction in Spain is the lowest of all countries in mobile telephone services, internet access and pay TV. Only Portugal has a lower satisfaction in landline telephone services. This low level of satisfaction with the service is one of the reasons why in Spain more than 53% of consumers have switched operators, a higher frequency than Belgian, Italian and Portuguese customers.
The low satisfaction users get from their companies causes more than 40% of VODAFONE and ORANGE customers to consider changing operators if someone close to them recommends another company. That percentage drops to 27% for MOVISTAR and is only 10% for Pepephone. Yet the minimum permanence clauses that operators apply, often abusively, keep many consumers captive despite dissatisfaction with the services the company provides.

Poor Customer Service
The OCU survey draws special attention to billing and customer service as the areas worst valued by consumers. However, not all companies treat their customers badly and there are operators, such as R or Pepephone whose customer services are highly valued.
OCU's survey highlights once again the need for a law regulating the customer service provided by companies in order to ensure the rights of consumers are respected.
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