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OCU Launches first collective purchase of telephone services

22 abr. 2014

Under the slogan "We have data, we have a voice," OCU will offer consumers the opportunity to save on their mobile phone bill

OCU is launching the first collective purchase of telephone services aimed at all consumers, following on from the great success of the first collective purchase of energy that nearly half a million households joined in. The aim of OCU is that consumers can save on their phone bill, by inviting companies to participate in an auction of voice and data tariffs, and by facilitating the change of company through the OCU webpage  www.quieropagarmenosmovil. org

Although in the past year, mobile phone tariffs have been reduced, many consumers continue paying high tariffs either because they are old and out of date or because they no longer fit their user profile. The confusion generated among consumers by the multitude of tariffs offered by over 35 mobile operators operating in Spain does not help them to choose the best option.
And the first step in order to lower the bill is to choose the correct tariff. In this context OCU says that we also have data and it is important data, as we estimate that for an average consumer of voice and data, if we choose the best rate offered by each company, the annual savings we would obtain by choosing the cheapest company as against the most expensive would exceed € 120 per year. If the client, in addition does not have the best rate in their current company for their user profile, the savings soar.

Data such as the average monthly cost per mobile phone line in Spain is 17.40 € (209 € / year), hence the importance of savings.
Data such as the fact that Spanish consumers still have more expensive mobile phone charges than other countries like Italy, France or the U.K. 51.6% consider that they receive little or very little for the money they pay.
But in addition to data, we also have a voice, that of the thousands of people who want to pay less for using their mobile phone. Therefore, the objective of this OCU initiative is to get attractive deals, which represent significant savings and which increase consumer satisfaction.

All companies, those that have their own network as well as mobile virtual network operators are invited to participate in this initiative, the registration period for which opens today, 22 April and closes on 22 May when an auction will be held, in which the companies will submit their bids, based on previously established conditions which are the same for everyone.
From 22 May, the results will be communicated personally to everyone taking part and each person will then decide if they are interested or not in changing company.
In OCU we are confident that this initiative will help everyone who participates to obtain savings on their bill and also foster greater competition in the sector.
For more information (media) Eva Jimenez Tel:   917 226 061