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Economía del consumidor

An average savings of 148€ per year with the 3rd edition of OCU´S collective energy purchase

11 may. 2016
Viesgo wins OCU’s 3rd Collective Energy Purchase

More than 42,000 people from all around Spain participated in this third edition of the Collective Energy Purchase, coming together in order to save money on their electricity and gas bills and demand that the measures needed to ensure a fairer energy market for everyone be taken.

OCU is extremely pleased with the high number of energy suppliers that have participated in this tender process, allowing participants of this campaign to receive significant savings in their energy costs. Moreover, from the 11th until the 18th of May, all consumers will have the opportunity to register and guarantee their access to this offer with no obligations. After registering, they will receive a customised report about their current power supply and will be able to take advantage of the winning bid as soon as it is made available.

OCU feels that the savings achieved are a complete success, doubling the savings in previous editions. The average savings of those individuals who participated in this Purchase will be 60€ if they keep their same energy rate. More specifically, those participants who have both gas and electricity will increase their savings to 87€ while these savings will be reduced to 44€ and 55€ for users who signed up for only electricity or natural gas, respectively.

Nevertheless, OCU focused on contracting time-based pricing rates(TBP)during this edition. OCU believes that the majority of homes would save if they changed to these TBP rates without having to change their current energy use habits. For this reason, it will facilitate the change to these rates during the contracting process for those who wish to do so. Choosing these rates will increase their savings thanks to the interesting winning bid, allowing homes to achieve an average savings of 177€ for those who signed up for the dual category and 133€ for the only electricity category. A detailed description of the yearly savings based on the type of energy contract chosen by those individuals who participated in this Purchase and if they chose the TBP rates or not can be found below.

Yearly Savings

Yearly Savings

Changing to TBP*







Natural Gas




60 €

148 €

* With an estimated off-peak consumption of 50%

In order to facilitate changing to a time-based pricing plan, Viesgo will cover any costs that distributors may apply (coupling rights, third-party access fees, etc.)as a result of changing their pricing plans. This is an excellent opportunity to not only take advantage of very attractive prices but also to change to a rate which will allow consumers to save money without changing the consumption habits. It goes without saying that, as always, these contracts will not have any commitments of permanence, revisions based on the Mains Isolator nor any additional costs due to unrequested services.

OCU will begin to send personalised offers via email to everyone who participated in this Collective Purchase as soon as possible. After receiving this email, the participants can choose to change companies if they wish.

OCU encourages everyone who has not yet registered to take part in this purchase to do so before May 18th to guarantee their access to this exclusive offer, with absolutely no obligations.

For more information, please contact (media). Telephone: 91 722 60 61 –