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OCU launches a campaign to reduce the amount of sugar added to food

11 oct. 2016

With its “Less Sugar, Healthier Foods” campaign, the Consumers and Users Organisation demands that food contain the least amount of sugar possible and that manufacturers declare the amount of added sugar in their foods. 

Madrid, 11 October, 2016. The Consumers and Users Organisation has just launched its “Less Sugar, Healthier Foods” campaign ( with the purpose of reducing the amount of sugar found in foods. Nowadays, adults in Spain consume 94 grams of sugar on a daily basis, nearly double the amount recommended by the World Health Organisation and four times more than what it considers the ideal amount. In OCU’s opinion, this excessive consumption of sugar is one of the main reasons why 54% of the Spanish population is overweight or obese. For children, this figure reaches 43%. 

OCU is attempting to take the strategy followed by the administration, in collaboration with manufacturers and restaurateurs, to reformulate foods in order to reduce the amount of salt, fat and sugar they contain to the next level. For OCU, moving from the voluntary reformulation agreements to measures that require a 10% reduction in the amount of sugar added to processed foods, without substituting this amount with sweeteners, is needed. 

In OCU’s opinion, in order to reduce the rates of people who are overweight in Spain, increased control must be obtained over advertising directed at minors. Additionally, consumers must be aware of the exact amount of sugar added to products so they can meet their nutritional needs without exceeding the recommended limits. For this reason, OCU demands that manufacturers be obliged to clearly state the amount of added sugars on labels in Spain, just as in the United States since last July. 

Moreover, OCU also demands that high-sugar products such as biscuits, pastries or lactose products be forbidden from having any nutritional or health claims or scientific guarantees on their labels. Due to the high amount of sugars found in these products, these products are, therefore, quite unhealthy. 

OCU is an independent non-profit organisation thanks to the support of its more than 300,000 members. As a consumer organisation, OCU’s purpose is to contribute and influence in order to fight for the wellbeing of Spanish consumers.  It works transparently and offers useful, relevant content and information so consumers can make well-informed decisions when hiring services and purchasing products. 

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