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OCU organises the first multi sector debate on food waste in Spain

28 jun. 2016

OCU has organised the first ever multi sector debate as part of its "Don´t throw out your food" campaing fighting against food waste

This event will take place on the 28th of June in Madrid and will bring together representatives from supermarkets, distributors, industry associations, the competent administration, agricultural and fishing associations, consumers and NGOs.

Food waste is a problem which has significant economic, social and environmental impact. The figures are alarming: between 30-50% of edible food ends up in the waste bins. According to the European Commission, Spain is ranked seventh on the list of countries which waste the most food, coming in behind the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, France, Poland and Italy.

The implications of food waste are not only found at the economic level but also have serious humanitarian and environmental impacts. According to MAGRAMA (the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment), 7.7 million tons of food are thrown out each year in Spain. Spanish homes waste 1.36 million tons of food annually. For this reason, OCU believes that one of the strategic goals needed to reduce food waste is to make consumers more aware and encourage them to avoid throwing food into the rubbish.

With this debate, OCU wanted to hear the voices of all the players involved in the food cycle, from the moment it is produced until it reaches the consumer and then either donated, recycled or thrown out. OCU feels that having all of the different points of view is essential. In this way, the various casuistries of the agents involved in the food chain can be considered, resulting in a more complete overview of the true situation regarding food waste in Spain.

OCU and all the participants involved in this open and transparent debate are joining forces in order to make the public more aware of this issue and explaining the reality behind the alarming figures found in Spain. Together, they are coming up with initiatives and changes that could lead to a reduction in food waste in Spain and improve the way food surpluses are managed. If we want to find a solution to this global problem, a multi-sector and multi-disciplinary focus is, without a doubt, required.

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