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Servicios Financieros

OCU applauds Europe's sentence regarding the Floor Clause and demands banks return the money

21 dic. 2016

OCU is pleased to announce the sentence issued by the European Court regarding the so-called "Floor Clause". With this sentence, there will finally be justice for the millions of consumers in our country affected by this abusive clause. Consumers must not be made to pay for the bad practices of the banks. 

The European Court has provided justice for all the affected consumers who will now be able to recover the amounts they overpaid due to the "floor clause". OCU reminds users that it spearheaded an initiative to send a petition with 70,000 signatures to the European Parliament. This petition was, in the end, declared admissible and requested the proper application of the current Communitarian Legislation so that the affected consumers could recover all their money.  

Due to the conclusiveness of the sentence, OCU demands that the financial entities return the improperly charged amounts of their own accord. Nevertheless, and while consumers wait for the banks' reactions, OCU will continue to help all those affected to file claims against this abuse, as it has up to now, if they have no other choice but to turn to the legal system. However, the difference is that we now know that the affected consumers will recover all their money. 

OCU feels that consumers must not be held responsible for the problems caused by the banks. This would have set a very negative precedent within the context of continual abusive practices carried out by banks and the toxic products they issued (preferential shares, Bankia stock, IRPH (Mortgage Loan Reference Index) mortgages, etc.) OCU hopes that this sentence will force the banks to take measures which truly protect consumers in the financial sector. 

For these reasons, OCU encourages all consumers affected by the "Floor Clause" to file a claim. Consumers can determine the amount they could be entitled to receive due to the "Floor Clause" using OCU's free calculator: Likewise, OCU has made a toll-free telephone number available for all the affected parties: 900 902 480

For more information, please contact Eva Jiménez (media). Telephone: 91 722 60 61 -