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OCU Carries out a survey on the quality of public transport in Spain

27 ene. 2015
Bilbao, the city with the most comfortable and best connected public transport network while Murcia, Vigo and Zaragoza are the worst rated

OCU has just published the results of the survey on citizen satisfaction with public transport. There are few positive conclusions for the country as a whole because in many major Spanish cities users continue to report persistent deficiencies which, in some cases, have worsened.

The study was conducted based on the responses of over 2300 respondents in cities with the largest population of each autonomous region 1with  Bilbao, Gijon, Logroño and Pamplona appearing as cities where public transport is the most valued by their citizens. By contrast, Murcia, Vigo, Zaragoza and Albacete receive the worst ratings from users. The map below shows the overall satisfaction with public transport systems by city:

1 For the most populated city in Extremadura, Badajoz, not enough responses were obtained, so it was excluded from the analysis

The network of city buses in Gijón is the one most valued by users, with 56% recognising a clear improvement in the service over the past three years. An improvement that is even more apparent to bus users in Las Palmas, a city where the number of people who consider that the bus network has shown a marked improvement over the past three years rises to 64%. At the opposite end of the scale are bus users in Zaragoza, who place their bus network in the penultimate place on the list with 51 points out of 100, just one place above the fail rating the people of Murcia give their buses. Not only that, in the case of Zaragoza a majority (71%) are of the opinion that their bus network has got worse over the past three years. The following table shows the ratings of local bus services by city.

As for intercity buses, Gijón and Bilbao return to the top of the ranking with 66 points, highlighting the case of Bilbao where 45% of respondents appreciate clear improvements over the last three years. A very different situation to that of Valencia, where the network of intercity buses scored just 44 points and in which 27% have seen a deterioration in the quality of service in recent times, a negative figure which is even surpassed in this respect by Murcia, Palma de Mallorca and Madrid, cities where users indicate a clear deterioration of this means of transport. The following table shows the ratings of intercity bus networks in those cities where we got enough answers:

Valencia again features - negatively - in the ranking of satisfaction of users of its metro – the underground train service - with a score of 58 out of 100, compared to the positive result for Bilbao, where the metro achieves a score of 79 points, with up to 40%  of respondents perceiving an improvement in the service. The opposite happens in the case of the metro in Madrid, where 55% of respondents believe the service has suffered a clear loss of quality. The following table shows the rating of the metro, light rail and city tram services

In the case of suburban rail networks, this time it is Sevilla which achieves the highest score with a total of 69 points, followed closely by Bilbao. Bringing up the rear is Barcelona with only 57 points and with as many as 33% of respondents answering that the service around the Catalan capital has worsened. The following table shows the rating of the city commuter network (Zaragoza is excluded due to insufficient replies)

For OCU this study allows us to know the explicit demands of public transport users in these cities and shows that if there is political will, as has been the case in cities like Las Palmas or Logroño, the local authorities can launch initiatives aimed at improving this essential public service.

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