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OCU welcomes the new EU Roaming agreement

01 feb. 2017

After several months of negotiations between institutions, the European Union reached an agreement yesterday to reduce the limits on how much mobile operators can charge each other to keep their customers connected when abroad, a fundamental agreement for the disappearance of this Surcharge is effective in June of this same year. 

With the agreement reached yesterday, the price cap for data that can be charged by operators to each other will be reduced from 50 euros per gigabyte to 7,7€ with the entry into force of "roaming at home" in June, and will continue to decline gradually to EUR 6/GB in January 2018; EUR 4.5/GB on 1 January 2019; EUR 3.5/GB at the beginning of 2020; 3 euros in 2021; Down to € 2.5/GB in 2022. 

In the case of voice calls, wholesale prices will be reduced from 0.05 euros/minute to 0.032 euros/minute; while the cap for text messages will be 0.01 euros per message. 

For OCU this agreement is positive because it allows to unblock the process for the effective disappearance of roaming charges, bringing the EU closer to a true single market in the field of telecommunications and ensuring a real competition among operators that will clearly benefit the consumers. OCU congratulates the European authorities on this step to improve the rights and economy of European consumers and trusts its early application in Spain.