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OCU warns: light closes January with the highest price since 2008, 50% of households affected

31 ene. 2017

This month of January closes with a price of kWh of 0.147 euros, is the highest monthly electricity price since April 2014, where the PVPC started, and is 11% higher than the previous peak in the price of PVPC which occurred in the summer of 2015. 

The reason for this high price is the operation of the wholesale electricity market, which closed January with an average price of € 72 / MWh. We have to go back to September 2008 to find such a high price in the wholesale market. 

The difference between 2008 and January of this year is that then there was no consumer with a rate indexed to the wholesale market and now almost 50% of households have this rate, PVPC, and therefore these increases affect them immediately in your pockets. For example a household with an average consumption of 3500 kWh per year (292 kWh per month) and 4.6 kW of contracted power, will pay this January a 26% more expensive bill than a year ago with the same consumption. 

OCU insists that the PVPC so far has been shown to be a competitive rate and an interesting option against the free market, although in the latter it is also possible to find good fixed rates that limit the risk of rises. 

However for OCU there are homes especially sensitive to PVPC rates such as those homes that are heated with electric heating and that concentrate their consumption in this time and can not compensate with hypothetical price cuts in the coming months. For example, a household with accumulators and a consumption of 1500 kWh (of them 1350 in the valley hours by the accumulators) and 9.2 kW of power will pay this month an invoice of 229 euros. A year before that same home for identical consumption had an invoice of 151 euros. An increase of 52%. 

OCU recommends that these households seek alternative rates in the fixed market to avoid the high risk they suffer.