Problem with a faulty mobile phone

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The mobile I have bought is still under guarantee. However, it hasn’t worked properly since July 2021. It has been sent back to the repair centre 3 times. Yet the problem hasn’t been resolved. The company in question is only willing to keep sending the mobile back to the repair centre. I am not happy with this as I have been left without a working phone for the last 4 months. I am self-employed and having a working phone is essential. There has been many times where I wasn’t able to use my phone and therefore losing customers. Although they are very apologetic, they cannot/unwilling to offer me any other solutions. Every time I do contact the company I am being passed to different people (customer service) and having to explain the problems again and again, it is very tiring. Furthermore, before all these incidents, my mobile was in an excellent condition. Now it has 2 small scratches and a big scratch on the screen, due to being sent back and forth.

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