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OCU files a class action lawsuit against Volkswagen for the emissions scandal

22 jul. 2016
Nearly 4,000 affected consumers have joined the lawsuit and claim compensation for damages caused by the emissions fraud

The Consumers and Users Organisation filed a class action lawsuit today with Madrid’s Commercial Court against the Volkswagen-Audi S.A. Group demanding monetary compensation for consumers affected by the emissions fraud scandal uncovered last September and acknowledged by the German automobile group. This class action lawsuit was filed pursuant Article 11 of the Civil Procedures Act which recognises the right of consumers and users associations to defend the rights and interests of their members in court, without prejudice to the individual legitimization of the affected consumers.

For OCU, it is clear that the Volkswagen-Audi S.A. Group has refused to compensate the affected consumers for what was, in its opinion, the company’s culpable conduct and has unjustifiably delayed the timeframes for repairing affected vehicles. These actions have resulted in a clear inconvenience for consumers who now, in addition to the unease created by the announcement that the software had been manipulated, must face uncertainty regarding the emissions levels of their vehicles.

As of today, more than 4,000 affected users have joined this lawsuit and will be represented free-of-charge since OCU will assume the costs of this legal action in any and all venues needed. The first goal of OCU’s class action lawsuit is to reach a settlement with the Volkswagen-Audi S.A. Group in which the claims made by the Consumers and Users Organisation are resolved. In other words, the Group must recognise the reported facts and be obliged to repair the affected vehicles within no more than one month in addition to compensating the affected consumers with an amount of no less than 2,000 Euros. In the event that the car manufacturer were to continue turning a blind eye to the affected consumers' requests, it would then be up the courts to decide whether or not deceived consumers have the right to the same type of compensation consumers affected by this scandal in the United States have received.

OCU reminds consumers there is still time to join this class action lawsuit and interested individuals may do so until the 31st of July, the date on which this campaign, available via the Movilízate website, is scheduled to close. Since its launch last may, more than 8,000 consumers have taken an interest in this campaign.